Getting ready to Shine

It feels like it has been so long since I have been out and about with Posy the flower truck selling flowers…and it has been almost 2 years!  The last time we were out was in July 2020…just before we made our move to Vancouver Island.  It was raining then too (see above).  So it’s been a bit since we’ve been out together slinging fleurs, and quite a bit has changed.  The scenery will be different for one thing, the Cowichan Valley is a lot different than the Greater Toronto area!  But one thing that hasn’t changed is my devotion to showcasing local farms and flowers as much as possible.  The truck will have a large selection of flowers and greens from the Island Flower Growers co-op, as well as other independent farms from the island and mainland, mixed in with some tropical favourites.

We will be out and about starting Mother’s day weekend, and are looking for businesses or events to stop and sell the flowers, so to speak 🙂  Posy really draws a crowd wherever she is, so having us near you really is a great partnership.  And of course, a complimentary bouquet of gorgeous flowers comes with having us as neighbours!

If you are interested in having us Pop Up at your place of business or event May 6-8 Contact us!!