Florists Super Bowl, and the real thing almost collide

I often joke with customers that Valentine’s Day is the Super Bowl for florists.  This year, funnily enough, the two of them almost collide.

The real Super Bowl happens on Sunday, February 13, and our big day is, well, you know.  So even though Sunday is most people’s day off, I’m wondering if florists are going to be as busy as they normally would be the day before Valentine’s?  And is the distraction of the NFL’s biggest day going to drive even more clients into shops on the 14th?

Posy the Flower Truck is keeping warm in the garage, waiting patiently for a busy spring and summer on Vancouver Island, while I will be at Brown’s The Florist in the Westshore – so I will have a front row seat to find out!  I always suggest ordering your flowers ahead of time, rather than walking in the day before, or the day of.  This way, you have a better chance to receive what you want.  However, this year, please keep in mind with the dreaded ‘supply chain issues’, be prepared to be a bit flexible.

Hot Tip – Pre Orders are usually given a little more lovin’ over last minute walk ins re: selection and quality of flowers

Another Hot Tip – Support a local florist, rather than the 1-800 and “Big Box” like Florists that can deliver anywhere in North America, and seem to pop up online around the Holidays.  Just like supporting a local grocer for your fruits and veggies, supporting your local florist keeps money in the local economy, and chances are good those florists are supporting local flower growers.  If your loved one is in another city, just Google ‘Florists’ in that city, and look for one that has a physical address close to where you would like it delivered, along with great ratings, of course!  Many local shops have E commerce now, which make it easy to order online.

Hot Tips for Keeping Those Fleurs Looking Lovely and Long Lasting

  • Change the water at least every other day
  • Try and give the flowers a fresh cut every other day
  • Keep the flowers away from direct sunlight and fresh fruit

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!